The Church of Pasig  
Where are the bells of Pasig now?
Pasig started as a mission
established by the
Augustinians in 1572 and ruled
for 352 years until 1897.
Belgian missionaries belonging
to the Congregation of the
Immaculate Heart of Mary
(CICM) took over the
administration of the parish for
65 years, from 1910 to 1975.
Many Pasigueňos could still
recall being baptized and
hearing mass by Belgian

When the Belgians fathers left,
Bishop Manuel Sobreviňas
became the first bishop and
diocesan pastor of Pasig. Male
Pasigueňos who went through
grade school and high school
at the Pasig Catholic College
(PCC) have many anecdotes
about the bishop.
The Immaculate Conception Cathedral now.
The Cathedral seen from the balcony
of the Concepcion mansion.
In 2003, The Immaculate Conception Parish was elevated as the
cathedra or the seat of the newly created Diocese of Pasig. Jaime
Cardinal Sin, Archbishop of Manila, installed Francisco San Diego as
Bishop of Pasig.
The Interior of the Pasig Church then and now
Interior view of the church
in 1957. From the collection
of the Pasig Museum.
Present interior view of the
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It was the practice then
that parishes donated
their bells to the
government to support
Two of Pasig's remaining ancient
bells are on display at the garden in
the inner patio of the cathedral.
campaigns in other parts of the
country. The bells are melted and
used as cannon balls. Many of the
bells of Pasig were taken by British
invaders in 1762-64 as spoils of
war. The bells are most likely in the
British Museum.